Amazon Design Jam

Redesigning the interface of Amazon Mobile Application

The Amazon Design team set us up with a challenge to encourage product discovery on the go rather that only using the Amazon Mobile App when the user had a set goal in his mind. The idea was to re-design the interface and experience of the Amazon application so as to promote casual browsing among the users.


To tackle the challenge of making users stumble across the products rather than them searching for a predetermined product they want, we started brainstorming to identify similar mobile applications that people usually tend to spend time on. After identifying these, we tried to incorporate their individual characteristics which the users browse casually. As a part of this session, we came up with the following aspects which the users browse casually:


We drew together some aspects of a feed that would entice a user to launch the Amazon mobile app for casual browsing. These were mainly music, books, movies, games, fitness, and social change.We started out by sketching some scenarios that would show up on a user’s feed. The feed would be populated based on the user’s personal preferences and preferences of people in the user’s social circle.


This design consisted of a group of around 10 people in each time. With the number of people present, the opinions were also numerous and varied. It becomes slightly difficult to reach a consensus in such a situation and I learned that it is necessary to develop good communication skills in order to voice your opinion and be considerate while discarding ideas put forth by other people!